Appointment Cost Information


Pricing Table

Thank you Steve Buissinne, Sedgefield, South Africa

Your first appointment is long and is charged at .

Follow-up sessions are long and are charged at .


Transformational work is suitable for children from ages 6—14. Children under six usually don't benefit much from some of the services offered so please check if you are in any doubt.

The duration of all sessions with children are long and charged at a fee of .

Medical aid and other funding

Most medical aid societies won't pay for your private sessions due to the non-medical scope of this work. With a little clever persuasion however, you might convince your boss to allow you time off work or to arrange a group programme. You might also find that your company has an Employee Wellness Fund that sponsors some of your fees.

Concessions and discounts

Thomas says: I'll never turn anybody away because of his or her inability to pay. I will always see clients deserving of a reduced fee and am very flexible about my rates. I will even see them for free but I know that this defies the laws of reciprocity and makes it difficult for him or her to easily seek my help again because he or she may feel embarrassed or inconsiderate asking for more free help. So, I'm happy to accept whatever amount my client feels is a fair and reasonable price to pay — an amount he or she feels is is a fair amount to spend in order to receive the benefits I offer.

You may apply for discounts in writing by sending an email using the [   Send Email ] feature at the foot of this page or by adding a comment to your online booking request.

Discounts are considered on a per-session basis.

Subsistence, accommodation and travel costs

Thomas consults at Protea Ranch (±26km north of Fourways, Gauteng, South Africa). If he is to travel from Protea Ranch, SA&T costs apply over and above the aforementioned fees.