Appointment Duration and Frequency Information


Roadmap to Start Living

The general rule of thumb is:
Three to six sessions spaced approximately three to four weeks apart

Like most of us, you may never know whether we, at the end life, simply turn out the lights or whether we transition into another realm. These speculations cannot be proven one way or another. However, what is absolutely certain is that we go through many symbolic births and deaths throughout life. For example, you are not the same person you used to be at age ten. Since then, you have probably gone, or will be going, through many changes, like transitioning from being a child into adulthood and then later, into parenting, career, retirement and so forth. Hopefully, each mini death and rebirth changes you for the better. With each one, you become wiser, more skilful and adept at bravely reaching further than you did before.

Time spent with Thomas is very similar to one of these cycles, only much faster. Dr Alfred Barrios, a Clinical Psychologist quoted in the American Health Magazine, suggests that Psychotherapy has a 38% recovery rate after 200 sessions; whereas Behavioural Therapy clocks in at 72% recovery after just 22 session; hypnotherapy roars ahead at a whopping 93% recovery rate after just 6 sessions!

It is hard to predict exactly how many sessions you will need because it depends upon the nature of what needs addressing and how speedily you can make the transition. All first sessions are fact-finding and strategy planning opportunities. It is really only by the second and subsequent ones that you start to dig deep to change hidden beliefs and motivators. The third and subsequent follow-ups are usually spaced about a month apart to track and underpin your progress.

    Here are a few guideline examples:
  • Weight Management: The first session is followed by a follow-up about 2 weeks later. Unless we uncover some seriously flawed thinking or bad past experiences, about six sessions spaced four to six weeks apart usually does the trick.
  • Post-operative Pain Management: This example is given in contrast to the previous one because it illustrates the very different nature of these needs. In the this case, sessions might be spaced only a few days apart.
Hypnotherapy's Recovery Rate — Dr Alfred Barrios, a Clinical Psychologist, quoted in the American Health Magazine