2 x Best Overall Winner: IMDHA, worldwide Hypnotherapy Scriptwriting Competition, 2011 and 2013
SAMHA Honouree Award 2014: For Thomas' commitment, dedication and passion in his strive to gain recognition for Hypnosis in South Africa

published author  |  spiritual mentor  |  transformationist  |  belief disentangler  |  therapist  |  tutor

Do you suffer from untapped potential? Is it your quest to find personal meaning and purpose? Are you held back by fear, self-doubt, debilitating habits, erroneous beliefs, diverted attention, misplaced effort, bad memory or lack of concentration? Have you been the victim of abuse, marginalisation, intimidation or homophobia? Do you find yourself battling weight problems, alcohol abuse, uncontrolled use of drugs, cigarette smoking or falling prey to other addictions? Thomas has many years of well-polished skill. He is an internationally acclaimed consulting hypnotist and spiritual tutor. He is conveniently located near Pretoria and Johannesburg. He is passionate about helping you untangle your inhibitors and to create new configurations of strivings in order for you to reach your highest potential.

Thomas W E Budge
Thomas W E Budge


"Mr Budge has really been of great assistance for several years in patients where subconscious stressors and drivers have caused patients to have physical illness or emotional issues. As such he has been of huge help with patients suffering with affective disorders, phobias, anxiety issues and suicidal ideation. At the same time he has referred patients to me where he considers medication to be of value so is not messianic in believing that hypnotism is the cure for all ills!! I can highly recommend him in helping patients understand that there are emotional drivers that have to be managed and that pills are not always enough." Richard Brink's Endorsement

Dr Richard Brink, Specialist Family Physician,
3021 William Nicol Dr, Bryanston,

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 Client comments…

"Wow, today I'm feeling AWESOME! there's a feeling of pure Freedom now… I feel like the world has so much to offer me now thanks to being off Weed and Cigs. Thank you again for your help Thomas. People at work have been very impressed by my progress and positive change in my personality. My relationship with my wife has even improved… she feels so much happier now, and so do I." — PD
"Thank you for this morning and helping me discover so much about myself. Currently I am completely overwhelmed and do not know how to contain my thoughts and emotions. I want nothing more than to hold on to the peace and tranquillity I felt, which I haven't felt since I was a child. I felt so safe and secure with you there and I just wanted to thank you for being so gentle with my memories and emotions and helping me face these monsters I have obviously been afraid of for so long." — LD
"I would like to say a special thanks to Tom as my mentor, teacher and the person who reviewed my assignment ahead of my submitting the work to the SAIH. Without Tom's enthusiasm and his excellent way of working with his students I would not have been able to deliver the sort of work that the SAIH expects from its students." — GP, Hypnotherapist
"Your generosity of spirit, time, expertise and caring has touched me profoundly." — JP

 How it all works…

You have unlimited potential. But, it is commonly blocked by inhibiting thoughts, erroneous beliefs and physical limitations. However, recognising, understanding and overcoming your spiritual, mental and physical inhibitors helps you realise more. This realisation positively enhances all aspects of your life, like enhanced sports performance, increased productivity, greater creativity, better memory, a refined sense of purpose and connectedness, and a healthier and more satisfied sex life.

So, what goes wrong and how does it affect you?

When you entangle your mind through erroneous thoughts, difficult or traumatic past experiences, side effects begin to manifest. These side effects take the form of unwanted habits, self-esteem issues and abusive relationships. Past sexual abuse often leads to sexual difficulties. Difficult upbringings lead to passive aggression, residual anger, obesity, stress, depression and eating disorders. Juvenile issues also may stem from a disruptive home environment. Entangled minds account for a vast array of phobias too.

Whilst poor sports performance can be about bad technique, it is equally often due to self-doubt, fear, feelings of intimidation and a need to avoid public embarrassment.

Deep-seated anxiety and sedimentary stress are equally insidious, especially if you are amongst today's top achievers. Stress manifests in a host of physical and mental ailments.

Whilst Thomas' interventions are not a substitute for consulting a qualified health professional (if you suspect physical illness, you should consult a physician and for unresolved psychological issues you should consult a psychotherapist), his techniques are gentle, non-invasive and non-medical. They are holistic, practical and sometimes could include hypnosis, persuasion and suggestion.

Thomas has successfully worked with thousands of people over many years to help them unleash their full potential.


 In the news…

Thomas given Honouree Award:

Hypnosis has a long South African history.

SAMHA Honouree Award

The inimitable Scotsman, Max Colley, is remembered for his shows along the Natal south coast, packed with enthusiastic holiday-makers. Evans Brown taught many of South Africa's pioneer hypnotherapists. These traditions were passed down by these and other masters to subsequent generations.

Over the last decade or so, commercial hypnosis and hypnotherapy training schools began teaching hypnosis to ever-growing numbers of practitioners, all of whom are very eager to understand and utilise hypnosis secrets and tricks. Popular TV and theatre shows leave the impression in the mind of the layperson that hypnosis is something mystical, even perhaps magical. Today, through the advances of psychology, we understand the workings of hypnosis better than ever before. It's now matured into a profound yet gentle healing modality that enjoys worldwide acceptance.

As the market grows, so too does the need for skilled and knowledgeable practitioners. There are now many South African hypnosis training institutions that offer excellent educational programmes to would-be practitioners. Needless to say, their curricula vary and there isn't one unified standard of education and code of ethical practice across South Africa. Whilst many hypnosis practitioners deliver outstanding service to their communities, there is a handful that regrettably bring the profession into disrepute.

At one of their graduation ceremonies, SAMHA acknowledged Thomas' work by presenting him with their Honouree Award: 'For his commitment, dedication and passion in his strive to gain recognition for Hypnosis in South Africa'. Thomas founded the Hypnosis Guild of Southern Africa in March 2011 that is open to all practitioners regardless of their background and training. The Guild aims to take practitioners' knowledge beyond the classroom. The Guild is a non-profit hypnosis and hypnotherapy organisation.


Twice worldwide Best Overall Winner:


Thomas is respected in international hypnosis and hypnotherapy circles in his role as both tutor and practitioner. Many top South African hypnotherapists studied and still study under his guidance.

In 2011 he entered a script into IMDHA's worldwide scriptwriting competition. The script was written as: 'a guide to help reframe the minds of those who have a sense of carrying the world's burdens with resultant feelings of entrapment, powerlessness, resentment and anger'. His entry earned him the coveted award of Best Overall Winner.

In 2013, IMDHA ran the competition again and Thomas submitted another entry. 'Why not take the challenge and submit something that's been written about often before' he said. He prepared a hypnosis script on Smoking Cessation and again won Best Overall Winner.


'It Is What It Is' — published 2013

It Is What It Is - Grace through Acceptance, author Thomas W E Budge

Thomas encourages introspection. He believes: 'It's an important part of disentangling one's thoughts and erroneous beliefs.' Instead of becoming ensnared by past experiences, it's far healthier to confront them and to work through them. Thomas, like so many others, endured hardships throughout his life. He was imprisoned as a teenager during apartheid times; he became disillusioned by religious fanaticism and dogmatic bigotry; he was rejected by his family and friends due to his sexual orientation; and knows how easily one can get trapped by materialism and egotism.

Thomas' story recalls the mental brutality of solitary confinement at the hands of the SA Defence Force and warns of the dangers of myopic and dogmatic religious convictions. But his book is much more than that, it generously shares the insights and wisdom given to him personally by his guru Ram Dass, one of the most beloved contemporary spiritual figures of our time.

His book is a rich and uplifting compendium of practical wisdom, spiritual insight, and courageous tenacity.

It Is What It Is — Grace through acceptance

The hardcover book sells for ZAR285 and is available directly from Thomas during your session. The international paperback version is available from Amazon and also from Loot, South Africa. The ebook is available on Kindle.