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Suffering from untapped potential? Wanting to find meaning and purpose? Needing to dispel fear, self-doubt, debilitating habits, erroneous beliefs, diverted attention, misplaced effort, bad memory or lack of concentration? Are you a victim of abuse, marginalisation, intimidation or homophobia? Battling from weight problems, alcohol abuse, uncontrolled use of drugs, cigarette smoking or other addictions? Thomas has many years of well-polished skill. He is an internationally acclaimed consulting hypnotist, NLP practitioner and spiritual teacher. He is conveniently situated near Pretoria and Johannesburg. His passion is helping you untangle your life to create new configurations of strivings in order for you to reach your highest potential.

How it works

You have unlimited potential.

It's a very bold statement but it's true.

How come it seems so impossibly difficult to unleash your inner strengths in order to find new strivings in life? There's an amazingly profound postulation in psychology:

Your beliefs are your home.

The world exists only in your head. Everything you know of has reached your awareness through your five senses. Since little, you began creating a complex database about everything. You labelled every object and concept. You judged them to determine whether they are friend or foe. You documented their attributes and their interrelationships with other things. Where is your database? It is stored in your head.

How you live is determined by what you believe. Your interaction with your world is governed by the contents of your database. If you had traumatic experiences as a child, they will have inescapably influenced the way you behave as an adult. These experiences may have turned you into a victim but they could also have made you victorious. Either way, you are a different person today compared to who you might have been had you not had those experiences as a child. Everything of your past contributes to who you are today. How you choose to think differently today will determine who you shall become tomorrow.

Thomas has successfully worked with thousands of people over many years to help them unleash their full potential. He is ready to help you too.

What you can expect

Your inability to realise your full potential is commonly blocked by inhibiting thoughts, erroneous beliefs and physical limitations. However, recognising, understanding and overcoming your spiritual, mental and physical inhibitors helps you achieve more. This realisation positively enhances all aspects of your life, like: enhanced sports performance, increased productivity, greater creativity, better memory, a refined sense of purpose and connectedness, and a healthier and more satisfied sex life.

When you entangle your mind through erroneous thoughts, difficult or traumatic past experiences, side effects begin to manifest. These side effects take the form of unwanted habits, self-esteem issues and abusive relationships. Past sexual abuse often leads to sexual difficulties. Difficult upbringings lead to passive aggression, residual anger, obesity, stress, depression and eating disorders. Juvenile issues also may stem from a disruptive home environment. Entangled minds account for a vast array of phobias too.

Whilst poor sports performance can be about bad technique, it is often due to self-doubt, fear, feelings of intimidation and a need to avoid public embarrassment.

Deep-seated anxiety and sedimentary stress are equally insidious, especially if you are amongst today's top achievers. Stress manifests in a host of physical and mental illnesses.

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What not to expect

Whilst Thomas' interventions are not a substitute for consulting a qualified health professional (if you suspect any illness you should consult a qualified medical practitioner), his techniques are gentle, non-invasive and non-medical. They are holistic, practical and might include hypnosis, persuasion and suggestion.

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Thomas W E Budge

Soul Searching Podcasts

Here is a collection of podcast recordings of Thomas' weekly radio show, Soul Searching, for your listening pleasure. The show explores all spiritual, psychological and wellness matters that matter. Searching deep into the soul requires that you conduct a penetrating self-examination of your motives, convictions and attitudes. You should frequently challenge your personal beliefs and thoughts to open your mind to fresh ideas and freethinking. Thomas asks awkward questions on your behalf, he pokes holes in rigid belief systems and challenges the way the world taught you to think so that you can use some of these ideas to redesign your life for the better. Episode 1 broadcast on the 7th August 2016. Return here weekly for new episodes. Be informed of all future shows by clicking

Simply click on a podcast title to listen to it. If you like it, share it.

Private one-on-one Sessions

A few confidential sessions with Thomas will change the way you think about life. His sessions are an invaluable aid to help you release stress, change unwanted habits and liberate you from years of entrapped beliefs and abuse. Thomas is a transformationist. He studies and facilitates changes in human thinking and spiritual awareness. Utilising affirmation, suggestion and other techniques, he disentangles, unsnarls and unravels unwanted thoughts, beliefs and habits. Thousands have visited him over many years and many top South African hypnotherapists studied under his tutorship.

General Information

Mr Budge has really been of great assistance for several years in patients where subconscious stressors and drivers have caused patients to have physical illness or emotional issues. As such he has been of huge help with patients suffering with affective disorders, phobias, anxiety issues and suicidal ideation. At the same time he has referred patients to me where he considers medication to be of value so is not messianic in believing that hypnotism is the cure for all ills!! I can highly recommend him in helping patients understand that there are emotional drivers that have to be managed and that pills are not always enough. — Dr Richard Brink, Specialist Family Physician, Cedar Road, Fourways, 0027-11-840-5340

Your sessions are conducted at the serene and beautiful Protea Ranch, ±26km north of Fourways.

Thomas begins consulting as early as 07:00 and takes the last booking for the day around 17:00. Weekends are regrettably unavailable for private one-on-one sessions.

Weekends may however be requested for group sessions comprising a party of 5 or more. Use the [ contact ] facility in the footer to find out more.

A private cottage is also available for anyone wishing to escape the city stress and to retreat for a while into the quiet solitude of Protea Ranch. Thomas and Yvonne are at hand to offer you therapeutic help and five-star cuisine. A variety of body massage treatments are only 5 minutes away by road or an easy 20 minute stroll on foot. Use the [ contact ] facility in the footer to find out more.

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Articles and interviews

Quit Smoking, the best in the business

Talk on Heath, Radio 702, Malcolm Ferreira, 21 January 2006

Fears and Phobias, Radio 702, Tim Modise, 7 July 2006


All fees are to be fully settled at the time of your appointment. Cash and all major chip-and-pin cards are accepted.


Unless quoted differently, your first appointment is 1½ hours long and is charged at R1,500/session. All follow-up sessions are 1 hour, presently charged at R990/session. All Quit Smoking sessions are charged differently at R1,990/session for a 2 hour appointment.


Transformational work is suitable for children from ages 6—14. Children under six usually don't benefit much from some of the services offered so please check if you are in any doubt. The duration of all sessions with children are ¾ hour long and charged at a fee of R650/session.

Medical aid and other funding

Due to the non-medical nature of Thomas' work, most medical aid societies won't pay for your private sessions. With a little clever persuasion however, you might convince your boss to allow you time off work or to arrange a group programme. You might also find that your company has an Employee Wellness Fund that could sponsor some of your fees.

Concessions and discounts

Thomas says: I'll never turn anybody away because of his or her inability to pay. I will always see clients deserving of a reduced fee and am very flexible about my rates. I will even see them for free but I know that this defies the laws of reciprocity and makes it difficult for him or her to easily seek my help again because he or she may feel embarrassed or inconsiderate asking for more free help. So, I'm happy to accept whatever amount my client feels is a fair and reasonable price to pay — an amount he or she feels is is a fair amount to spend in order to receive the benefits I offer.

You may apply for discounts in writing by sending an email using the [ contact ] feature at the foot of this page or by adding a comment to your online booking request.

Discounts are considered on a per-session basis.

Subsistence, accommodation and travel costs

Thomas consults at Protea Ranch (±26km north of Fourways, Gauteng, South Africa). If he is to travel from Protea Ranch, SA&T costs will be charged over and above the aforementioned fees.

Number of sessions needed and the gap between sessions

It generally takes 3 — 6 sessions for most interventions to work properly. Occasionally, some interventions require less or even more (quit smoking, for instance, is usually accomplished in just one session). The period between your sessions varies depending upon the issues that need addressing. Your sessions are usually spaced about a month apart for maximum benefit. Having said this however, there are always exceptions to the rule and one would obviously increase session frequency when dealing with some urgent matters where one needs to work at a faster pace.

On arriving at Protea Ranch

You should aim to arrive fifteen minutes before your scheduled time. If you happen to arrive sooner, please wait in your vehicle, especially if there is already another car in the parking space. There isn't a waiting room and there are dogs on the property. Thomas will meet you at your car as soon as practically possible.

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Terms & Conditions

Scope of work

The information and advice given during your sessions are not intended as a substitute to consulting a qualified health professional. If you have any reason to suspect physical illness, you should consult a doctor. If you have unresolved psychological and/or psychiatric conditions, please consult a qualified medical therapist. The techniques used are non-diagnostic and non-medical.

Cancellation policy

It is a growing and unfortunate habit of some to book and then cancel at the last minute or worse, to just not show on the day. It is therefore with much regret that the following arrangement is necessary: you will receive email and SMS reminders before your session. Appointments may be cancelled with 48 hours notice at no charge. Late cancellations and no-shows will be charged in full. We thank you for your understanding.

The cancellation policy for group workshops and special events is available on request.

Confidentiality and Privacy

Your confidentiality is always professionally and strictly upheld.

Depending upon the nature of your session, and only with your express permission, some sessions might be recorded for teaching purposes. Thomas also provides professional education to qualified students and an intern could be present during your session. These advanced students are all bound by Professional Ethics and Codes of Conduct.

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Wow, today I'm feeling AWESOME! there's a feeling of pure Freedom now… I feel like the world has so much to offer me now thanks to being off Weed and Cigs. Thank you again for your help Thomas. People at work have been very impressed by my progress and positive change in my personality. My relationship with my wife has even improved… she feels so much happier now, and so do I. — PD

Thank you for this morning and helping me discover so much about myself. Currently I am completely overwhelmed and do not know how to contain my thoughts and emotions. I want nothing more than to hold on to the peace and tranquillity I felt, which I haven't felt since I was a child. I felt so safe and secure with you there and I just wanted to thank you for being so gentle with my memories and emotions and helping me face these monsters I have obviously been afraid of for so long. — LD

I would like to say a special thanks to Tom as my mentor, teacher and the person who reviewed my assignment ahead of my submitting the work to the SAIH. Without Tom's enthusiasm and his excellent way of working with his students I would not have been able to deliver the sort of work that the SAIH expects from its students. — GP, Hypnotherapist

Your generosity of spirit, time, expertise and caring has touched me profoundly. — JP

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Kissing the Elephant

An open invitation to join our Circle of Friends

You are welcome to join us at our next gathering of Circle of Friends. We are not a religious fraternity but a group of like-minded, ordinary folk from all occupations and lifestyles, and across all spiritual and religious beliefs. We seek to validate our spiritual yearning and experiences in a safe, open-minded and non-judgemental environment. We regularly spend a Sunday together, talking about interesting spiritual and philosophical topics over a shared lunch. The Circle began as an alternative to mundane social engagements. Instead of the usual Sunday entertainment pattern, the Circle provides a convivial environment with intellectually stimulating conversation. Thomas often tests ideas for his Soul Searching radio show at these events.

Not everything about you can be reduced to scientific jargon. You have creativity, you are capable of abstract thoughts, you may appreciate art and music, and you could have an inner yearning for a connection with something greater. Spirituality isn't merely religiosity; it goes far beyond that. Spirituality isn't just being faithfully obedient to a set of religious rules and dogma to please God, it defines who you are.

You have an open invitation to join our circle of friends. Join us as we contemplate, debate, explore and experience our greater purpose and reality.

We are like-minded, ordinary folk from all occupations and lifestyles, and across all spiritual and religious beliefs who seek to validate our spiritual yearning and experiences in a safe, open-minded and non-judgemental environment.

Sometimes we might feel a little silly when exploring our spirituality. Charles T Tart, PhD., in his book "The End of Materialism" says: So here you are, a human being with a yearning for something higher than simple material gratification, something 'spiritual.' Yet modern science, the most powerful knowledge-refinement system in history, which has led to enormous power over the physical world, seems to tell you in no uncertain terms that you yearn for nothing but fantasy — superstitious, outmoded nonsense that will make you feel less fit to live in the 'real' world… [yet,] something in us yearns for the higher thing we vaguely call 'spirit,' but we don't want to feel stupid or crazy… I've talked to innumerable people who consciously thought of themselves as spiritual seekers, who were often quite knowledgeable about spiritual matters but, nevertheless, had something in them holding them back, doubting, sabotaging and invalidating their own spiritual knowledge.

The 'rules'

Attendance at the Circle is free of charge. It's open to all. For security reasons, please register beforehand. Dress is super-casual. The occasions are quiet and contemplative. Feel free to extend this invitation to others. You may arrive and leave quietly at any time between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM. Participating teenagers are very welcome but please respect that the occasion is quiet and mindful and not quite the place for the robust playfulness of younger children.

Your checklist for the day

Gates open at 10:00 AM and close at 4:00 PM respectively.

The group meets at Protea Ranch.

Please bring a precooked vegetarian dish which we pool with others' contributions to share as our combined lunch.

Your contribution should cater to feed around four. Salads, pastas, bread and cheese, soups and puddings are all greatly welcomed. Precooked food can be warmed before serving but there aren't facilities enough to cook from scratch.

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A Circle of Friends

Thomas' book about determination and the acceptance of new beliefs

Thomas, as a nineteen year old, English speaking, white South African boy, faced detention in solitary confinement for refusing military training during the apartheid regime. Instead of his religion helping him through his ordeal, the Jehovah's Witnesses shunned him because of irreconcilable differences in beliefs. What might have been a story of despair becomes one of encouragement. Its a deeply thoughtful book about acceptance and contemporary spirituality and is a touching and personal account of his friendship with his spiritual teacher, Ram Dass.

His book transforms lives, untangles complicated circumstances in life and inspires his readers to achieve more.

It Is What It Is, Grace through acceptance