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Thank you Steve Buissinne, Sedgefield, South Africa

Refer to the pricing table for a comprehensive list of fees.

Appointment Pricing Table

There are several ways to pay, including cash or credit card during your visit.

Payments and Payment Options
The booking process comprises three easy steps:
  1. Choose your appointment type
  2. Select your your preferred date and time
  3. Share a few personal details to let us manage your appointment
There are options to reschedule and/or cancel your appointment.
Please book only one appointment at a time as follow-ups will be recommended later.
Your booking is secure only after you receive our confirmation email. Our email contains all the information you need like maps, times, protocols and our cancellation policies.
Scope of Work: Whilst Thomas' interventions are not a substitute for consulting a qualified health professional (if you suspect any illness you should consult a qualified medical practitioner), his techniques are gentle, non-invasive and non-medical. They are holistic, practical and might include hypnosis, persuasion and suggestion. Consultations are bound by ethics and are strictly confidential.
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Technical hiccups do occasionally occur. Please feel free to contact us by any other means if you feel that your appointment booking has gone astray. But please look in your Junk folder first, as our correspondence may have gone there by mistake.

Booking Selection Assistant

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Step 2:
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(adult 1 hour; child 30 - 45 minutes)