Thomas W E Budge Profile and Awards


Getting to Know Thomas

Thomas W E Budge
Thomas W E Budge

Clinical Hypnotherapist, ACHE
Certified Hypnotherapist, IMDHA
Certified Lecture and Examiner, ACHE
Honouree Award 2014, SAMHA

Thomas grew up under the dogmatic rules of a very administrative religion.

He describes administrative religions this way, There are many religions that emanate from the heart. Their followers celebrate their spirituality in a climate of love, acceptance and joy. Administrative religions are very different. They have endless, prescriptive checklists and expect their followers to comply rigorously or else face harsh, punitive corrective measures. One must comply and tick all the boxes to secure one's safe place. Certain branches of Islam can be very administrative, as are the Jehovah's Witnesses where I was raised. These pedantic checklists have the right intention, to maintain high levels of morality and active participation in the religion, but they often lack any compassionate understanding of the fragility of being human. To err is human. Some of our mistakes happen unintentionally but there are other situations that are way beyond our control, like sexual identity issues as an example. One needs to deal with these complexities in a sensitive, compassionate, understanding way. Administrative religions often focus more on the empty boxes on the checklist than on the humans needing love, acceptance and direction.

After Thomas' excommunication in his late twenties, he rejected all notions of God and turned his attention to other things. He, with two other friends, started BBD, now one of South Africa's most esteemed software development companies. He lectured in the Planetarium at the University of the Witwatersrand for over two decades. He has had a pilots licence. He authored and published his book, "It Is What It Is — Grace through Acceptance." He scripted and presented material for TV (a six-part, half-hour series on astronomy entitled, "Out of this World!") and radio (fifty-two episodes of "Soul Searching", broadcast weekly on GaySA Radio).

Towards Thomas' mid-forties, he rekindled a deep sense of spirituality, hugely inspired under the personal tutorship of Ram Dass. This was a pivotal transformation which took him out of the IT arena and into full-time therapy, spiritual- and life coaching. People often ask Thomas how he came to specialise in hypnosis, NLP and coaching. With a grin, he offers this explanation, One thinks that hypnosis is so diametrically opposite to my work in IT but actually, when you think about it, it's the same thing. I'm still programming and debugging software, this time the computer is your brain and your mind is the software that runs in it. Your thoughts, beliefs and operating strategies are not always error free — to the contrary, they are very prone to errors. My job as a therapist is to help disentangle this mess and to get you to adopt better patterns of behaviour. I'm really still doing the same thing — this time with the most sophisticated computer in the world: the brain.

He is both practitioner and teacher in this field. He is the founder of the Hypnosis Guild of Southern Africa. Thomas was nominated by his peers as one of the top-ten hypnotherapists in the world. He has been honoured by others for his work in promulgating hypnosis and has twice won international first prize for his hypnotic script submissions.