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Give yourself the freedom to improve your future by tapping into practical, experienced, personalised advice right at your fingertips whenever and wherever you need it.

Grappling with something and need advice?

No baited hooks and no lock-ins, ever

Give yourself the freedom to improve your future even if you haven't a clue how to go about doing this. Get practical, useful, solid advice whenever you need it, backed by more than twenty-years' expertise and available to you at your fingertips.

Anywhere, anytime, online or in-person

Get advice quickly even if you are online at your desk, while you are in a coffee shop, travelling somewhere or even in the private safety of your own home. If you prefer being off camera, Tom will gladly host your meeting in-person.

Troubles shared are troubles halved

Tom is your number one go-to-guy for confidential, expert advice on relationship issues, career difficulties, personal problems, addictive behaviour, sexual matters and any other daily lifestyle challenge you are battling to resolve.

Thomas Budge

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Thomas is always available to work with you online via Zoom or, if you prefer to meet with him in-person, then you may do so whenever he is at home either in South Africa or Switzerland.

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